We come from different backgrounds, beliefs, and technologies. But our unified thought of providing tangible solutions and making digital simple has helped us come together for Digital Tensor. With a unique blend of our strengths - analysis and equations for one and art and creativity for the other, we bring in the comprehensive mix of both senses in delivering the best value. Our 35+ years of consolidated experience helps us see the problems holistically and solve them innovatively.

Radhika Chavan

Co-Founder & CEO

Radhika loves to play with numbers, a math whiz armed with core strengths of logical reasoning and critical thinking. A firm believer in "what gets measured gets managed". She is passionate about understanding problems and creating tailored, transparent and scalable solutions.

Radhika has led 1200+ members technology assurance practice for one of the big IT Services companies, created her own IP, and was instrumental in transforming the core frameworks. She has consistently delivered business value to her Fortune 500 clients across Europe, South east Asia, Australia, and North America.

Having been at the vanguard of Digital Transformation initiatives for her clients over the last decade, she has been increasingly drawn towards making this journey quantifiable, measurable and hence risk-managed. Digital Tensor has been the manifestation of this school of thought in which she was actively involved in co-creating the frameworks that would make transformation tangible by treading beyond the conventional approaches. These frameworks along with rapid value creators are currently patent pending in India and US.

A BITS Pilani alumnus, Radhika is an active member of Society for Women Engineers (SWE). She loves to spend time mentoring fresh talent, delivering Design Thinking workshops and fireside chats.

When she is not busy helping her clients with their Digital agenda, she loves playing guitar for her twin daughters.

Hrishikesh Patil

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Hrishi started his career when 2D/3D Animation and design tools were in their infancy. He has a keen interest in creative visualizations and 3D modelling. Thoroughly fascinated by Interactive 3D applications over the web, he worked with major brands like Disney Interactive, SONY, TOYOTA, HONDA, HP/Compaq and AOL for Interactive 3D visualizations and animations.

Hrishi setup and led Digital practices with advertising agencies in North America, Middle East, and in Singapore. He then naturally gravitated to the Digital Transformation domain. With his strong foundation in digital culture while working with FinTechs, he moved on to become Digital Director and developed valuable practical insights and innovation frameworks. He has a penchant for Experience Design for digital natives, Design Thinking for innovation, Fit-for-purpose Business Process (Re)design, building digital culture in the organization, and developing brand strategy.

Commerce graduate from Pune University, an avid music lover, Hrishi loves traveling, trekking, and photography.

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